Start Selling your Own Products

Once you have been involved in affiliate marketing for a bit you may want to start creating and selling your own products.  You can even recruit affiliates to help do the selling with you.

So when you’re ready to create your own product you may not be sure what you should start with. There are many options. The digital short report or e-book is probably the easiest. Now that the Kindle is very popular putting your short report or e-book on the Kindle is also becoming popular and lucrative for some.

Other people develop things like WordPress themes or software. Some people develop apps for the iPhone or android or have them developed and then market them.  Still others use their own pictures to create products on zazzle .

The choices of what to sell on the Internet really are endless, even if you are selling your own product.

Many people start with an e-book or a short report just to get the hang of things. So let’s talk about this. One way to create an e-book is to write it in Microsoft Word and then convert it into a PDF file. You can have a cover created at Elance or you can make a simple one yourself at .

A good length for an e-book is 50 pages. A good length for a short report is 7 to 15 pages. The tolerance for high prices for e-books is coming down so you probably don’t want to price your e-book to be above the range that a print book would sell for unless your information is really hard to find and on a subject that people really need to know about.

A good price for a short report is $7.  These aren’t rules written in stone – you will want to test your prices and see what works best for you.

These days you can even self publish your e-book into a print book fairly easily.

So how are you going to market your new product? A great way to get your foot in the door is to find some people to joint venture with. You create the product and offer them a commission to sell it. Find someone with a big list related to the topic of your product.

Someone who sends out a good e-mail to a responsive medium-sized list could easily make you several hundred or several thousand dollars in a day.

Besides finding people to joint venture with on your own, you can also put your book up for sale at clickbank. People go to clickbank specifically to look for e-books to promote on their topic. If you have one affiliate who starts making multiple sales of your book, contacting them to see what else you can do for them is probably a good idea.  It’s hard to find good affiliates and when you find one, you should treat him or her well.

And don’t worry if your first product seems to be a flop or your first JV request attempt doesn’t go anywhere. Just keep trying – keep looking for people to promote your products and keep creating new products for people to buy.

This is how everyone who is successful at Internet marketing operates. No one creates one product and sells just it forever. People create and create and create and sell and sell and sell. This is what you should be doing also.

I am Promoting Something, Now What?

When you will be new to internet affiliate advertising and marketing it may be difficult to understand what measures to carry next. When you have your website up or your method of marketing one thing jogging, then you could desire to know what precisely you should be accomplishing upcoming.

Except you are receiving a lot of targeted traffic previously a person in the first things you might want to look at performing is making back again links with your web page or to the pages you are developing. You also might would like to commence exploring other means to acquire visitors than just what the search engines deliver you.

Enable’s discuss how to obtain rear back links:

1 of the very best ways so you can get again inbound links is usually to produce something often known as linkbait. You will find a couple of ways to do this. You can review photos that go viral on Facebook and think about no matter if or not you could possibly make your individual.

When you feel you may then you definately desire to set the photograph on your website and ensure you’ve communal share buttons over and below the photo. As soon as you’ve this proceeding then start out sharing your photo and begin recommending it to all your buddies and do whatever it is possible to think of so you can get the golf ball rolling.

Be sure that you simply also are linking back in your primary site from this photograph to ensure that your website gets the advantage of any communal shares which are manufactured. If you are employing free of charge sites, the process will be the similar.

A different way to make linkbait is to publish an incredibly informative posting about anything associated with your subject. Allow it to be virtually like a Enquirer-design article but tend not to place any product sales back links in it. You needed for being a thing astounding that folks just must share with their friends. Yet again, set communal share buttons above and under the posting and website link rear to your major web site so that the search engines like google see that men and women truly like this webpage which is related using your web site.

Other methods to acquire back links into your website are to go out and generate them. You will find a lot of cost-free internet sites and blogs and earnings sharing sites that will allow you to go in and produce pages about whatever that you simply want and link spine on your web page inside of them. These web sites do have authority and can rely as back links for your internet site. Right here’s some examples:











in forum signatures of discussion boards that let this

in dofollow weblog comments

These will hold you active in beginning to produce backlinks for your web site. If you happen to be already obtaining a number of traffic and also you really don’t believe you would like being developing backlinks than possibly what you have to have to get doing is figuring out how you can translate that site visitors into income.

You’ll find several points that may influence how properly your traffic converts, and this would be the sort of matter which you will want to start off looking into. Lookup in Bing for the best way to increase conversion costs and begin experimenting. In web promoting you can often do greater than what you will be accomplishing now.

Decide What to Sell or Promote

If you are an absolute beginner at affiliate marketing one of the biggest and earliest and most important questions you will ask yourself is “what am I going to promote?”

Since you are a beginner, I would strongly advise against promoting anything in the make money online niche. If you are making any money yet – you can’t very well tell others how to make money. Also, the make money online niche is one of the hardest to break into and do well and the competition is very fierce.

So what else is there? Many people advise start with what you love, but this is not always the smartest advice if there is no money in the niche. For example, I have a friend who started a gluten-free recipes blog. She is struggling. There is really nothing to sell in this niche except recipe books. Some people do great with recipe books but it might be easier if the only options of things that people buy in the niche cost more than $14.

Maybe examine your current living situation – do you live in an area that people visit? Maybe Hawaii, or Las Vegas, or New York City? You could consider a travel website or blog.

Are you single and really into the dating scene? You could consider becoming an affiliate for the dating websites. Dating websites pull in a lot of money.

Do you know a lot about a certain medical topic? Is there stuff to buy that will help people get better from this medical topic? Are there books and medical equipment and maybe even e-books on how to cure this thing naturally? Then that’s something to consider.

What have you bought recently? Is your kitchen full of a certain kind of appliance? Do you love a certain color and your whole house is decked out in it? Maybe these are the kinds of things you can write on.

Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that your first affiliate marketing subjects should be something that you love, I certainly would say it should be something that you know a bit about. That will just make things easier.

Especially if you are going to be doing all of the early writing yourself, instead of having someone do it for you, if you don’t have to do incredible amounts of research just to get your first page written things are going to be much easier.

Plus, if you have some pictures or can take some pictures of the items you want to promote, that will help fill your blog or website out too.

Let me give you some ideas of things to promote:

Digital books on clickbank, toys, coupon books to certain tourist areas, home decor, strollers, cribs, tools, exercise machines, teeth whitening pens, printer ink, anything on Amazon – if it’s on there that means that people are buying it online – , home saunas, protein powder and protein bars, Cindy Crawford’s beauty lotion, computers, computer batteries, and jewelry.

Have any ideas yet? Think on them for a bit – is there an angle that you can take to make your information in your store unique? How can you stand out promoting this particular product?

Once you can figure that out then you can take it to the next level.